The beginning of a good illustration is undoubtedly a good breafing. The roughs are only started after understanding the real need for the illustration, what needs to be done and what the expected reaction is. Technique alone is not enough, it takes talent to know which is the best line and the best finish to arrive at the ideal image.


The 3d is a tool, and like any tool it depends on the skill of the operator and the watchful eye of art direction. It is undoubtedly a wonderful tool, the cinema that says so. The impossible no longer exists thanks to 3d, which more and more allows artistic interference making the work unusual.


The personification of someone or something begins with the hand trace, the concept. These are the traits that give the first characteristics to the characters and where all the study of these characteristics are done. It is only after being well defined that one begins to finish, choosing among so many techniques, the ones that best fit.

Branding & Design

Branding determines the positioning strategy by balancing the two most important aspects of a brand: the rational (business objectives) and the emotional (consumer needs). And the design or symbol that represents the company integrates three of the most important aspects of the organization: competitive strategy, sectorial domain and brand attributes.


Life is movement. And that is how we bring the drawings and illustrations we produce to life. Through a planned process, we tell the most diverse stories, cause the most diverse emotions, including in ourselves when we feel and realize that that idea that was inside our heads now moves, speaks, sings and enchants.


The photography for us in the studio is to capture what we see through our keen eye and attentive to the colors, shapes, lights and climate. Two processes, two results: we use technology in two ways, one with a fine touch-up but preserving the original characteristics of the click; another deconstructing the image, merging with others and transforming it into a totally new illustration.